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Rest Assured

Rest Assured Records Sampler Volume 1

Rest Assured Records Sampler Volume 1

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10 tracks from bands we have worked with or we think are dope. 

Cassettes are in a vinyl box like a video game. Solid silver cassette, same tracks on both sides. Hand numbered and limited to 25. These were first available at Flyover Fest and the remainders are now available online. Only 8 left. 

If you want one but want a cheaper option, grab a CD. They are in simple cardboard wallets. 


1. No Relief - 'Mourning Season'
2. Enervate - 'React'
3. Shallow End - 'Territorial Being'
4. Incision - 'Fractured'
5. Age of Panic - 'Venom Upon the Blade'
6. Plead - 'Slow Burn'
7. Fixed View - 'Scab'
8. Soledad - 'Vida Perdida'
9. Ghaul - 'Heavy Chains'
10. Arbitrary - 'Onslaught'

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