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No Relief - 'Destroy Your World'

No Relief - 'Destroy Your World'

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The new EP from BN1 unit No Relief is available now for pre-order! 5 new tracks to make the floor pop. The vinyl B-Side features the Ritual Oppressor EP, and the CD feature's 'Mourning Season.'

5 test presses are available in a variant bundle (3 via the UK store and 2 via the international store). You will receive both coloured copies and a personalized test press. No other way to buy a test press.

Cassettes will be available closer to release date.

If you are in the UK, please order from our UK site.

Track List:
1. Throne of Lies
2. Destroy Your World
3. Day By Day
4. Enter the Void
5. Living Hell

Vinyl B-Side:
6. No Relief
7. Envy
8. Where We Bleed
9. Ritual Oppressor

CD Exclusive:
6. Mourning Season

Vinyl Pressing Info:
Yellow/Blue Smash /100
Transparent Red /200
Test Press /20
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