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Incision - 'Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction'

Incision - 'Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction'

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NWHC has produced some important acts in hardcore over the last few years. Bands such as Serration (Calgary), Apex Predator (Seattle), and Witness Chamber (Boise) have once again helped draw focus to all the local scenes. While Vancouver has been championed by A Mourning Star, many bands are following the new path they have carved to establish themselves among the top tier bands in the region. 

Incision have gone through the first half of 2023 supporting bands such as Candy and Sanguisugabogg, while writing their new EP. 'Mirroring an Indefinite Depiction' is a release that can quickly put this band among the most reputable NWHC units out there. Five tracks of complex metallic hardcore make up this EP, released between RAR and The Coming Strife.

Available now on cassette and CD.

Orange Tint (RAR Exclusive)
Smoke Tint (TCS Exclusive) [Available late July]

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